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Cardboard cat houses for your cat

Cat houses come in many shapes and sizes, but a cardboard cat house is often the favorite of cats. That's because a cardboard cat house can help reduce stress and make your cat feel safe. Cats generally find cardboard a nice material because it has an insulating effect and therefore gives warmth, but also because they can easily leave their scent on it.

Do you recognize this? You ordered a new pair of shoes and put the box aside to try them on. In no time your cat will have found the cardboard box and claimed it as her new cat house. This is a phenomenon that many a cat owner has experienced and for good reason; cats like to crawl into cardboard boxes, not only because they are very curious but also because a cardboard box offers a cat a lot of comfort.

5 reasons to buy a cardboard cat house

We've written about why cats like cardboard before, and many of those reasons apply to choosing a cardboard cat house.

1. Cats find cardboard a nice material

Cardboard is a natural product and is usually made without chemicals. Because cats have a sensitive nose and can smell better than humans, they often stay away from products with a strong (chemical) odor. A cardboard cat house has a natural scent that attracts cats more. In addition, a cat can safely chew and bite cardboard which they love.

2. A cardboard cat house provides warmth

Unlike, for example, an open cat house, a cardboard cat house has an insulating effect. Because cats hate the cold and prefer to lie in a warm place, a cardboard cat house is ideal for maintaining a cat's body temperature. Hmmm, nice and warm.

3. A cat can bite and scratch cardboard

If cats like one thing, it's to bite and scratch things, often to the owner's frustration. Cardboard is a perfect material for cats because it contains no chemical parts and cats can safely put their nails and teeth in it. That's why many scratching posts and other cat toys are also made of cardboard.

4. A cardboard cat house is durable

Because a cardboard cat house is made from recycled material, it is a sustainable choice. Nowadays there are many cat houses available that are made in distant countries, not only is the transportation of them bad for the environment, but also the production. Think of the chemical coloring of fabrics or all the plastic used for packaging.

5. Cats love to play

It's no secret that cats love to play. Most favorite game? Hide in something and wait for an object to pass by and then attack it without mercy. A cardboard cat house is the perfect toy for this, with the different openings from which cats can "hunt" it promises hours of fun between you and your cat.

Cardboard cat houses from katon.nl

The cardboard cat houses from katon.nl are designed for cats and their owner. For example, our cat houses fit nicely into any interior and cats really enjoy playing and sleeping in them. The cat houses and their packaging are made of sustainable recycled cardboard and are easy to assemble yourself without scissors or glue. Each cat house comes with an extensive manual that takes you step by step through its construction. Because we design and manufacture all cat houses ourselves in the Netherlands, you will receive them within 1 to 2 days.

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